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9APRIL 2020

Keeping young people Educated during the lockdown through WhatsApp online Mentorship Classes

Learning should never stop and we were happy to help young people to continue learning essential skills for their future during this Covid-19 lockdown period through online Whatsapp Mentorship classes. We did not want learning to stop! Education is a key component to a young person’s success!

As a consequence we conducted a mentorship session to teach the youth how to apply for scholarships.

This session was conducted by Lisa Nyamadzawo, a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow and a recipient of the Oprah Winfrey’s African Women’s Public Service Fellowship. She is also studying a Masters Degree in Urban Planning at NYU Wagner, specializing in International Development Planning.

Lisa is from Zimbabwe and she did her undergraduate in Rural and Urban Planning at the University of Zimbabwe. She is published in the fields of urban environmental health, energy policy, as well as urban poverty and has also worked in areas of community planning and mobilization. Having traveled to over 42 cities across Africa, Europe, and the US, her passion for international development, governance and the role of cities and institutions across the globe in fostering global development was birthed. She believes that Africa could do better in addressing poverty, hunger, and infrastructure inequality and she hopes to play a part in that discourse.

Tuesday 7 April 2020, we had our second mentorship class from 3pm to 5pm with one of our board members, Talent Tatenda Madungwe, who is also a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow and the Program Manager at Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT).

She talked about ’Landing the job you want.’

Talent has nine years of experience in youth skills and community development in the Zimbabwean non-profit sector. She holds a Master of Arts in Development Studies from Midlands State University and a Bachelor of Arts (Human and Social Studies) degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the University of South Africa. As the program manager at Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT), Talent focuses on organizational stakeholder management and capacity building of youth and youth organizations. This entails providing technical support to over thirty-three youth civil society organizations that are strategically located in the ten provinces of Zimbabwe. She is also responsible for overseeing, designing, planning, and implementing projects focusing on advocacy, engagement with policymakers, governance, young women empowerment, leadership development, and youth participation in decision making processes at community and national levels.

To mark World Health Day, Thursday 9 April, we held a discussion with a medical doctor, Dr. Suleiman Makore, in our third WhatsApp mentorship class where he talked about the ‘Clinical and Mental Health Aspects of COVID-19.’The doctor specially and only focused on the clinical & mental health aspects of Covid-19.


It came to our attention that all the occurrences that were taking place were making our youth feel stressed, anxious, angry and lonely. We therefore undertook a mental healthiness Whatsapp class which primarily focused on mental health during the time of Covid-19.
We invited registered counseling and professional psychologist Rachel Bennie who talked about how best to take care of ones mental health during this time. Helping young people with their mental health is a core component of our work as an organization and we have a program dedicated to this called Ignite Lifeline.

We continued our WhatsApp Mentorship Classes with another 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow, Caroline Hlatywayo! She addressed how the importance of understanding, addressing and preventing gender based violence. It’s was extremely saddening to know that the cases of gender based violence and sexual abuse went up during the lockdown. t was a major cause of concern and it was important for us to understand what is GBV,

how could we address it and prevent it. The fight against GBV continues. Caroline Hlatywayo is a frontline social policy practitioner and a women’s rights advocate with 8 years experience in the field of gender and development. She has become an expert on women’s struggles and break throughs. Currently Caroline is at a local non-governmental organisation that works to open women’s minds to realities of social and economic barriers and injustices. She hopes to be the catalyst to the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls.

We hosted another WhatsApp mentorship class led by Ann Taundi, a young female business owner of Ann’s Products. She shared with us hygienic practices to prevent COVID19. By informing us of which soaps, detergents and hand sanitizers we can use to protect ourselves from Covid-19. Additionally, she gave us a short tutorial on how to make hand wash cleaner and home made soap.

Ann Taundi owns Ann’s Products, a business that makes home made detergents and hygienic skin, fragrance and hair products. Ann started manufacturing in July 2019 by giving samples to friends and store owners who ended up recommending others to try her products. Ann makes sure that hygienic processes are practiced and guaranteed when she manufactures her products which are namely dishwashing liquid, high foam washing powder, alcohol based hand sanitizer, toilet cleaner, surface cleaner sprays, perfumes, petroleum jelly, shampoo, hair food and many more.

Ann also offers affordable short courses and online training to those who are interested in making products such as the ones she makes. You may contact her on +263776759520 to learn more about her products and do support her business by purchasing some of her products! She makes sure she practices cleanliness, professionalism, hygiene and safety when making her products. In her own words she says:

“My aim is to empower any Zimbabwean by sharing skills and creating employment. Also supplying the beautifully branded quality products in local supermarkets at the most affordable prices. My motivation and inspiration comes from my trainer Ms. Fatima, Director of Marrj® located in Waterfalls and my mentors, Tadzie Madzima, Director of Ignite Youth Organization and Dr. Abigail Magwenzi of Rock the Red Lipstick Business Hub.”

During the week of International Girls in ICT Day, we spent the week highlighting amazing, exceptional young women in the career and business fields of STEM, ICT and Digital Media.
We had a WhatsApp Mentorship Class with a special focus on “Career Opportunities for Girls in ICT and Digital Media” and we invited Tariro Tshuma, Owner of Digital Pepper!

Digital pepper is a Digital Marketing Firm that specializes in Business and Personal Websites, Social Media Marketing and Blogging. The Firm also helps SME’s and community-led initiatives to amplify their voices online.

We've probably heard of Intellectual Intelligence, also referred to as I.Q.
But, there's also Emotional Intelligence, referred to as E.Q. ! 🤯 •What is E.Q.? •Who needs E.Q.? Why do we need E.Q.? •How do we work on our E.Q.? All this and more was discussed in our WhatsApp Mentorship Class by Thobekile Matimbe, a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow and Human Rights



In any young person’s life there's always a bit of uncertainty when taking up a path to follow career-wise. So many questions! Are they really passionate about this? Are they good at it? How self-sustainable is it, can they make a living out of it? A decision has to be made at the end of the day. Henceforth, so we held a discussion about decision making when it comes to career choice. It was entitled “Striking the balance: PASSION, SKILL AND SELF-SUSTAINABILITY.”

Pedzi Chimbwanda, a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow, Entrepreneur, Personal and Corporate Success Coach, Speaker, Philanthropist, CEO of MentorUS and ExhaleAfrica took us through this discussion.

Our WhatsApp Motivational and Mentorship classes brought an author, speaker and the Founder of THE MESH ZW, Ralph Kadurira. We talked about purpose amidst this crisis. Is there purpose to life? To our lives? What is purpose? What’s the role of purpose when crisis strikes? What role does your purpose play in your life especially now? What are you going to do or are doing to discover your purpose with this pause the global community is in now?

Ralph’s goal is to inspire people to move from survival to significance. He is an exceptional, impactful and efficient advocate of purposeful living currently with 5 books under his belt namely - Mind Blower: The Beginning, Fighting Ignorance, Destiny Sagacity, 109 Pursuit of Purpose Aphorisms and Short Time a true life based novel.

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John Chivairo

19 April, 2020 at 1:13pm Reply

Great initiative! Keep it up IGNITE!

Cecilia Jena

10 May, 2020 at 3:34pm Reply

Very helpful! Thanks for sharing.

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