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Trevor Nelson bosha

Youth Coordinator

We need youth in the movement now, not in the future, and we all have a role to play in empowering them. Intergenerational work is essential because each person has a different point of view. We work with young people both in groups and individually and we do our best to bring out each of their unique capabilities, so we know that what they bring to the innovation space could not have been brought by anyone else. No matter what the young person goes on to do in their lives, they will take something with them that will benefit them in ways we cannot even imagine. There are all kinds of magic moments taking place and discoveries still to be made within young peoples lives. The future is definitely bright for African young people and am proud to be contributing to it through the work we do with IGNITE.

  • Education Diploma Applied Information Technology, Diploma Netwroking and PC Engineering
  • Experience 10 years experience in IT and Network Administration and Team Management
  • Training ICT and Networking Management
  • Hobbies Exercising, Playing Bass Guitar, Traveling
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