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Dialogue on Shelter Trust

Dialogue on Shelter works to address issues of low-income housing in particular and poverty in general.

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Transformation Africa

Transformation Africa is an organisation that focuses on Youth empowerment and leadership empowerment.View Profile


Adonai Corporation provides Microsoft Services through it's architects & engineers and supports professionals to use Microsoft products.

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Mandela Washington Fellowship

The Mandela Washington Fellowship empowers young leaders through leadership training and networking.

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inspire Tutors

Inspire Tutors has brought about a paradigm shift in the area of offering assistance to Children’s Homes and Orphanages. It focuses on providing individual academic tutoring for children in Institutions in a bid to improve their academic performance.

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Kites for Peace, Zimbabwe

Kites for Peace Zimbabwe is a global movement for peace and is a family event with a specific focus on enjoyment and appreciation for our beautiful environment and each other, with the hope of inspiring joy, peace and hope through the simple, forgotten, act of kite flying.

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Help young people to grow & use their creative gifts and talents for positive change


The Creative Arts Program empowers youth to use arts, write and perform songs that spread positive messages of hope, love, inspiration, and healing to inner city families and communities. They explore themes of positivity on every topic from family issues non-violence, education and health.

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