In collaboration with Tag Rugby Trust Zimbabwe, Ignite Youth Organization visited Tafara 2 High, a school in Mabvuku, to offer career guidance. Most schools in high-density areas hardly ever receive career assistance hence the team saw it prudent to structure a program to go into these communities. Ignite Youth Organization aims to support young people as they discover their purpose, establish career goals, and come to terms with how they want to be remembered once they are gone. The career guidance session, which began at 10:00 am and ended at noon, was quite successful. Tadzie Madzima the founder and Director of Ignite Youth Organization (IYO) led the whole process of career guidance helping the children to realize what career path they want to choose in the future. Most of these children didn’t know what career guidance is or what a career is. Therefore ignite Youth Organization together with Tag Rugby Trust enlightened the young ones to know what career path they want to pursue in the future.
IgniteYouth Career Guidance Tafara 2 High
Throughout the process of career coaching some children mentioned that they wanted to be lawyers and doctors among other career paths, therefore, it was Ignite’s duty to shade more light on what is required for them to pursue these careers. Tadzie Madzima together with the rest of the team explained every field that these children might be interested in. Innocent Njazi who is a member of Ignite Youth and a student at the University of Zimbabwe explained the science field mentioning that they are several degrees that a person can pursue if they are interested in the sciences. As an intern at Ignite Youth, Kelly Chisina spoke about the social sciences, particularly psychology as it is the topic of study she is studying. She shed more insight on the specific options available to those with an interest in humanities subjects, including several degrees and courses in the discipline. Anthony Namakawa an Intern at the Ignite Youth Organization went on to explain the commercials field. The Ignite Youth Organization intern Anthony Namakawa continued by elaborating on the commercial side. He shed some light on what commercials are and the degrees or causes that someone interested in commercials can pursue. Most of the students there simply had a basic understanding of accounting, not realizing that there are more degrees and courses like business entrepreneurship, human resources among others. When addressing each of these categories, Lizwe Nyanga focused on the creative side, which includes media, dancing, and music. He said that even if a person is not gifted academically, they may still pursue their talents as careers. Not everyone is academically gifted, thus they should pursue their talents instead of ignoring them. He cited as examples people like Jah Prayzer, Winky D, and Voltz JT who are succeeding in the creative industry. No matter how talented a person is in music, dance, or acting, Lizwe Nyanga stresses the need for education because it fosters analytical thinking and financial literacy, two skills that will prevent theft from happening to you as an artist.
Later that day Taddy from Tag rugby Trust explained on the sports field some students are more talented in sports rather than academic or creative arts therefore he was encouraging them to pursue their talents in sports. Out of sports a person can be a Coach, or referee and make a lot of money. Tadzie Madzima encouraged the student to participate in each and everything that their teachers ask them to do because this helps them realize what they are good at. Many children were amazed and they could see that they caught something. Many children were in awe and could tell they had gotten something. To learn more about the field they were interested in and determine whether they may be able to pursue it, many students began to ask questions about it. They were quite fortunate to get this carrier’s advice. The teacher Mrs. Mangezi thanks the Tag Rugby Trust and the Ignite Youth Organization for providing career assistance to her children. Not all schools have this benefit, particularly the majority of schools in underserved areas.
To conclude the presentations Lizwe Nyanga performed his music and dance, leaving the children happy and enthusiastic about career guidance. Many children appeared to have direction or a distinct idea of where they are going after this session. They began to see the value of picking a career they are enthusiastic about, independent of their parents, friends, or any other external factors. Tadzie Madzima exhorted them to pick what they desired, adored, and suited their personalities. She also emphasized the importance of giving back to the community if they achieve success in their careers. As soon as possible, children should begin volunteering in their communities. Following the career guidance, they posed for photos with the children. The youngsters started asking questions, and those who were interested in the arts were directed to Kelly Chisina for more information, those who were interested in the sciences were directed to Innocent Njazi, those who were interested in commercials were directed to Antony Namakawa, those who were interested in creativity were directed to Lizwe Nyanga, and those who were interested in sports were directed to Tadius Dzandiwandira.
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