One of Ignite Youth Organization’s goals is to assist young people from underprivileged communities. On Saturday 28 January 2023, Ignite Youth Organization went to Zimbiru Primary School for donations. Not every child goes back to school with enough stationery. Therefore one of Ignite Youth Organization’s programs which is Ignite Hope the beginning of each year visit Zimbiru Primary school and donate stationery. It is now the third time Ignite Hope has donated stationery at Zimbiru primary school. This drive aims to give stationery to every individual who does not have enough since it is back to school. This is how the Ignite Youth Organization gives back to the community. Ignite Hope’s mission is to develop servant leaders, and the best way to do so is to strive to implant a servant’s attitude in young people even before they become effective leaders. Therefore Ignite Hope tries to instill servanthood character by teaching young children to give back to the community. The donation was a success, Ignite Youth Organization managed to help a lot of Children with support from iHelp and Voltz JT.

The Ignite Hope program leader, Christopher Shoko, led the donation effort, which was successful and pleased the children. To keep the children entertained, Christopher was able to oversee a variety of games. He first led the Ignite members who were present to introduce themselves first in a gaming format where a person was introducing themselves together with the animal they will be if they were not human. The little ones felt liberated and content after this introduction. Chris educated the children about Ignite Youth Organization after the introductions, explaining that it offers a purpose-centered approach to career counseling and coaching to assist teenagers and adults between the ages of 13 and 29. Three children then performed their favorite poetry. Chris continued by posing some humorous questions to the kids, which made the session more enjoyable for everyone. Six teams were formed by the members of Ignite to play at the fields, and each team came up with its name and motto. To kick off the competition, these teams were led by Ignite members. After that, participants in the running competition were Voltz JT, and Kudzi together with the children. After the running competition, they played the humorous and thrilling game range rover. The youngsters were then given food (lunch) so they could get their stationery with a full stomach and rejoice. After lunch, everyone returned to the classroom where Voltz JT sang one of his songs, making the kids delighted because they were eager to meet him in person, Not all artists give back to the community, therefore he felt good concerning himself as an artist by doing so. What he did demonstrates how devoted and loving he is to the community.

Anita Mukiza, Natally Saopa, and Munyaradzi Jokomo from iHelp delivered a statement outlining the mission of the organization, Munyaradzi also shared his life experience in a way that was both inspiring and touching. Later, an ignite member named Shammah Ngadziore gave her a moving and illuminating narrative. Chris supervised yet another game with the kids and awarded prizes to those who participated. The children were extremely grateful and thrilled after receiving the donated stationery.
The close remarks were then delivered by Christopher Shoko who rounded off by encouraging the children to work hard in their studies. Mr. Tambudzayi expressed his gratitude by thanking the Ignite Youth Organization, iHelp, and Voltz JT for donating Stationery.
This is the message of appreciation from one of the teachers at Zimbiru Primary School Mr. Tambudzayi: “On behalf of the school and my behalf I want to thank you and team ignites youth for the job you did with our kids. You put smiles on their faces and most importantly in their hearts. A couple of parents came to express their appreciation for your kind gesture. May the Lord continue to shine on What you do and may your respective families be abundantly blessed.”

“Giving is not about donating. It is about making a difference.”

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