Josh Chikwizo

“Joining IGNITE has been one of the best decisions l have made so far in my life. I continue to be impacted in a major positive way, l now view life in a different perspective all thanks to the organization.

“This is how I became a member; a friend of mine came to me one day with an Ignite flyer, talking about an induction that was coming up. As someone who didn’t even really know what Ignite is all about I just tagged along, little did know that destiny was actually calling me.

“On the day, I was happy to arrive to a welcoming environment full of cheerful and energetic youths. I was glad to be part of the young team that wasn’t talking about beer or partying for the first time in a while. I made new connections with focused youths who knew what their purpose is in life.

“l remember going blank when asked about my own purpose, l didn’t even know what to say but I was surprised to see people my age raising their hands and sharing their purposes yet I was so clueless. I was grateful when Tadzi Madzima started explaining what purpose meant and what it meant to live a life with purpose, it got to me.


“After the event, l honestly felt like I had found myself a second home and I was eager to register, I was now on a mission to change my life for the better.

“Now that I was officially an Igniter, l gave myself a task to search for the greatness inside me. It hasn’t been easy and it’s still not easy, l’m still on that road and l’m discovering myself slowly each day. Purpose isn’t something you figure out overnight but l’m getting there.

“Ignite is making me see the world differently, I have learnt that you do not need to follow the crowd just to be accepted. Take your time to find the inner you and your purpose because that’s the only thing that will make you rise to greatness.

“Before Ignite there were times when l would get deeply sad/depressed due to the hardships of life, l would be stressed out but still put a smile on my face so no one would know. My life has changed, l have gained comfort, peace and confidence from hearing the success stories of our mentors and fellow members and l thank God for that.

d”I cannot wait to see the type of person l will be by year end.”

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IGNITE Youth Organisation is dedicated to shaping and encouraging young people aged 13 to 29 years to emergence and a life of purpose. We help them realize their dreams, live to their fullest potential and ultimately impact their communities. We’re all about igniting a generation to create impact and change their world.

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