Once again Ignite Youth Organisation in partnership with YETT hosted Courageous Conversations themed Fighting Institutional Sexual Assault, Abuse and Harassment against Women and Girls. Main speakers of the day included, Abigail Matsvayi (Director at Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association), Charity Mandishona (Vice Chairlady of Women Coaliation of Zimbabwe), Judith Dembetembe (founder of The Girls Legacy), and Tafadzwa Ngosi (Relationship Specialist). Powerful women who are a force to be reckoned with.

Tadzie Madzima (Founder and Director-IYO), opened up the dialogue with a synopsis on sexual assault, abuse and harassment. Together with the attendees, they discussed the different instances of sexual assault, abuse and harassment that often occur against women. Ms. Madzima encouraged each person present to feel safe and comfortable enough to open up about the times they may have been subject to sexual assault.

Judith Dembetembe, the founder of The Girls Legacy focused on empowering the ladies and taught the difference between harassment and abuse. She emphasized on identifying and reporting harassment before it becomes abuse.

Abigail Matsvayi detailed the legal steps one should take if they are harassed or abused. She greatly insisted that upon entering the workforce it is the employees responsibility to ensure that they are well informed of the organisation’s code of conduct. She highlighted how the code of conduct serves to protect the employee from any maltreatment during their employment.

Charity Mandishona also taught on the appropriate ways of dealing with people in the corporate world. She encouraged the ladies to handle themselves respectfully and to regard their follow colleagues and superiors with appropriate formality, setting boundaries that in turn will protect them from workplace harassment and abuse.

Lastly, Tafadzwa Ngosi led a very interactive talk where the girls discussed on how to set and maintain boundaries in relationships and to also identify toxic traits exhibited by their partners as well as identifying their own toxic traits.

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