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In love with yourself or with someone else, how are you celebrating your Valentine’s Day?

In love with yourself or with someone else, how are you celebrating your Valentine’s Day?

A letter to my Valentine
To: My Love ❤

Lilies or Roses?
Pizza, chocolates, steers or mambos,
You choose.
For you, anything I will do.

My love; my valentine
You’re divine
From my heart; you’re stationary; you’re benign
My Queen; flesh of my flesh; my spine
I am yours and you’re mine;
You make me hallucinate; you’re my amphetamine
My drug; my daily dose of morphine.

At the canvas of my mind,
I have immortalized your portrait.
Your unapologetic beauty and torso,
all drawn like a master-stroke from Picasso.

Before you, I never knew that I would become a love poet.
Writing our insatiable story like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
I assert, my lady you’re an asset.
This is my reality, it’s not a fantasy.
I swear I’m just a guy in love,
I’m not on ecstasy.

I can hear the sounds; the vibrations
You’re the engine that drives me to my happiness.
She gives me rhythm; she’s the SAN to my heartbeat.

I hear people talking about their better halves;
To me you’re whole and complete.
My one and only,
My Angel;
We met for a reason not just for a season.
If we ever end up going on separate paths,
I would have committed treason.

Let me be your Adam and you being the Eve of my Eden
 To you; my heart is all sold.
To love you just like Jesus does,
Unconditionally, That’s my calling I was told.
Our love is refined;
pure than gold
In my world you reign.
I understand that,
To other people; our love is foreign,
Too good to be true.

My love for you can never be hidden,
It burns like crimson.
Shines brighter than vermilion.

Written with passion

Sasha Nohumba

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