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Benefits of becoming a member

Discover your purpose

  • We have a purpose-centered curriculum that will help you find your own unique sense of purpose & direction.
  • Through our purpose curriculum you will unlock tools to help you discover your life purpose and pursue it with passion.
  • The curriculum has been developed by a team of experts who have spent decades researching purpose, as well as specialists in psychology, education, youth development, and social impact.
  • At the end of it all, we will help you launch your own positive impact making organisation, project or campaign

Get Recognition

  • Receive a Certificate of Membership which you can use in job interviews and job applications
  • Members who attend the full program cycle graduate at the end of the year and receive certificates
  • Members receive certificates for every module and level they complete in the  Curriculum

Create connections while having fun

  • Be a part of like-minded young people and share ideas
  • Network and connect with other young people

Gain leadership training

  • Gain an array of leadership skills and ceritficates for every skill you learn from our experts and mentors.
  • These will help you with finding internship opportunities and give you the credibility you need to find business investment.

Access mentors

At every stage of the program cycle, you gain a mentor. By the 3rd quarter of the year, you would have gained a
peer mentor, expert mentor and international mentor.

Be an impact maker

Volunteer and impact your community and country positively

Access mental health counselling

Access counselling services for your mental health that help you deal with issues such as depression, anxiety,
low-self esteem and even suicidal thoughts.

Access to platforms and opportunities for your career

  • We will write recommendation letters for scholarships, attachments and internships for you
  • Attend networking events with potential funders, investors and mentors at events such as pitch nights
  • Participate in our innovation competitions and pitch nights
  • We will help members who have shown commitment with internship and attachment placements with our
    partner organisations
  • Participate in events where you can use your gifts and talents such as music, singing, poetry etc

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