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New Year, New Beginnings

New Year, New Beginnings

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What do new beginnings mean to you? How do we reconcile the weight of our losses from our past failures with the hope of tomorrow? Any road towards success, whether you’re pursuing purposeful living or working on improving your everyday life in business, community-based work or becoming an overall positive person has never been easy. With the start of a new year, the atmosphere seems lively again. After the total ambush in 2020 and the post trauma of 2021, it would seem that the atmosphere may have been saturated with uncertainty as we try to navigate through life again.

Here are some words of encouragement as we press on with the New Year…

Many times, most of us find ourselves stuck in a rut of trying to figure out what paths would best serve us and how best we could manage our time and energy in becoming more productive especially as we now find ourselves in a new environment where we are trying to transition through a new ‘normal’

For some, new beginnings mean a rebirth. For others new beginnings could be something as simple as restructuring. It may seem a little hard or difficult to dream of life in color again after the dark and dreary days that have passed, but as the writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote,

“Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it well and serenely, and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense. This day, is too dear with its hopes and invitations to waste a moment on the rotten yesterdays.”

We owe it to ourselves and for the benefit of others, to be the best that we could possibly ever be. To continue PASSIONATELY PURSUING PURPOSE. one bold little step at a time.

It has been said that, a merry heart is good medicine. I’ve come to learn that a life lived through gratitude opens us up to abundant living. Being in a constant state where you are joyful for even the littlest of things, sets you up for a life filled with contentment. Gratitude helps us maintain a positive attitude towards life and attitude is literally the mirror of our deep seeded thoughts. Negativity only aims to destroy. Being grateful opens room for more blessings. Developing a spirit of giving also creates room to receive more (more promotion, more responsibility). What would you like to give more of this year?

Becoming more confident in our own abilities requires cultivating discipline as well as unlearning some false truths about ourselves. How you handle yourself as a person inevitably determines how people perceive you. How do you want to live the next days of your life? Is there something you have been struggling to become consistent with? Eating healthy? Being more accountable with your feelings?  What is it that you wish to see change?

Always remember to carry the vision and to show up for it. Make it your goal to assassinate every fear that hinders you from becoming the best version of yourself. Remember that fear has inevitably been the downfall of most people who chose to believe the lie that they COULDN’T BECOME. The lie that they couldn’t become more successful, confident or equipped in breaking all strongholds. Fear cripples us out of opportunity and progressive living. So, in everything may we get to a place where we aggressively guard our thoughts and minds (Ephesians 6:17) from the lies the world tries to feed us, give ourselves grace every day and trust the process.

To new beginnings

Written by Michelle Mudzengi

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