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“No alarm needed, my passion wakes me,” ~ Eric Thomas. What wakes you up each morning? Have you ever asked yourself simple questions like, what drives me? What do I enjoy doing? Who am I? What was I born to do? If you have, then you are at the right place, Ignite Youth Organization is there to help you find answers to such questions.

The 29th of January was the Induction and Orientation for Bulawayo members with the highlight of the event being the speech by our Founder Tadzie Madzima. The greatest take away from Tadzie’s speech was the part on writing your own obituary, what will people say about you at your funeral? The answer to that might change how you live your life today. She unpacked on purpose and passion and how one can easily find his/her purpose. Tadzie also gave a brief history of IYO, our vision and mandate. Both new and old members were ignited to passionately pursue purpose.

The easiest way get acquainted is through discussions and teamwork. Young people in attendance had a chance to network and get to know each other better through the team building exercises that were part of the event line-up. Of course, performances by Lil Megaz and Junior Garnett lit up the atmosphere. Brendon Mbofana also led the team into some fun fitness dancing.

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