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IGNITE Youth Organisation aims to show the world what all young people can do, once they discover their why, in other words, purpose.

IGNITE Youth is raising a generation of innovative and responsible young African leaders and history-makers who are driven by purpose and want to change their communities for the better. The organisation helps young people from underserved communities and disadvantaged backgrounds to discover and pursue their purpose, as well as unlock young people’s creative and innovative potential, supports them in thinking critically and creatively about how they can contribute solutions to the issues their communities and country face, and as a result, helps them rise above socioeconomic challenges.
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Passionately Pursuing Purpose

Purpose is a young person’s recognition of their place in the world and connection to something larger than themselves.

Youth who lead lives of purpose tend to do better psychologically; they report higher levels of hope, happiness, and life satisfaction. They also tend to do better physically; compared to their less purposeful peers, they report lower levels of stress, better sleep, and they even can live longer lives!

Although people can discover a purpose at any stage in the lifespan, many do so during adolescence, when issues of identity take centre stage. As young people explore who they hope to become (identity), some simultaneously reflect on what they hope to accomplish (purpose).  

This domain encompasses career planning and their future orientation. We help them discover their purpose by helping them identify their strengths and reflect on the values most central to them. Purpose emerges when young people apply their strengths to effect personally meaningful changes in the broader world. 


Our Programs

We provide programs for young people that take a 360° holistic approach to youth development. These programs provide a unique combination of experiences that assist a young person on their purpose journey. Our integral approach to youth empowerment recognizes the multidimensional nature of young people's development needs; thus, we seek to address young people's personal, social, physical, psychosocial, mental, and economic needs in a highly synchronised manner.


Ignite<br> Hope
IGNITE HOPE PROGRAM: Volunteerism, Civic Engagement and Social Justice Advocacy


IGNITE LIFELINE PROGRAM: Mental Health and Wellbeing


Ignite<br> Mentorship
IGNITE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: Life Skills & Hard Skills Training


Ignite<br> Innovation
IGNITE INNOVATION PROGRAM: Fostering youth innovation to society's problems


Ignite<br> Influencers
IGNITE INFLUENCERS PROGRAM: Entrepreneurship training with a focus on social responsibility


Ignite <br> Girls
IGNITE GIRLS PROGRAM: Career guidance tailored for girls + advocacy for vulnerable girls


Ignite <br> Creativity
IGNITE CREATIVITY PROGRAM: A platform to showcase their talents & learn through art

of Purpose

Gentlemen<br>of Purpose
GENTLEMEN OF PURPOSE: A focus on grooming & etiquette as well as men's mental health


IGNITE SPORTS PROGRAM: Using sport to impart life skills such as discipline & leadership
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Purpose Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into five stages that provide a 360-degree view of a young person’s life.

The curriculum asks pertinent questions such as, “Why am I here?” What kind of legacy will I leave behind? What will people remember me for? What difference will I make in the world?”

The curriculum will also focus on mental health, resilience, character development, managing relationships, dealing with failure, volunteering, and developing leadership skills and many other topics.

The curriculum was created with the Zimbabwe context in mind and is not ignorant of the challenges that youth face. The curriculum’s ultimate goal is to assist youth in becoming active, engaged citizens in their country, as well as to assist them in launching their own initiatives that will make a difference in the world, thus pursuing their purpose with passion. 

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