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We have different programs setup to help young people discover their purpose

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Unlocking young people’s
innovative potential

Ignite Influencers Program
Through this Program we help youth create and launch innovative initiatives

Ignite Influencers Program

Creating Society's
Social Changemakers

Ignite Hope Program
We provide platforms for youth to take action and participate in creating safe and healthy communities.

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IGNITE Youth is raising a generation of innovative and responsible young African leaders and history-makers who are driven by purpose and want to change their communities for the better. We unlock young people’s creative and innovative potential, support them in thinking critically and creatively about how they can contribute solutions to the issues their communities and country face, and as a result, help them rise above socioeconomic challenges.

This is done through an intensive purpose-centered curriculum and programs that offer a 360° holistic approach to youth development.

Our three core programs are Ignite Hope (civic engagement through volunteerism and social justice advocacy), Ignite Mentorship (mentor pairing, as well as hard and soft skills training) and Ignite Lifeline (mental health and wellbeing). These programs offer a unique combination of experiences that help a young person on their purpose journey. The curriculum offers a purpose-centered approach to career guidance and coaching. In addition to the programs, we also have what we call “Tribes” that support the 3 core programs. Tribes are groups of likeminded youth who have the same occupation or interests.
Through a holistic approach to youth development, we are unleashing young people’s creative and innovative power, creating the next generation of African Leaders and history makers who are contributing positively to the communities they live in.

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