Ignite Youth Curriculum

The curriculum was created with the Zimbabwe context in mind and is not ignorant of the challenges that youth face. The curriculum’s ultimate goal is to assist youth in becoming active, engaged citizens in their country, as well as to assist them in launching their own initiatives that will make a difference in the world, thus pursuing their purpose with passion.

Our Purpose Curriculum Covers:

Career Guidance through our Ignite Mentorship Program (mentor pairing, as well as hard and soft skills training)

Discovering your purpose :

  • What is Purpose?
  • How do you discover your why?
  • How do your skills, talents and gifts support your purpose?
  • What is a legacy?
  • How do you create your legacy?
  • Goal-setting: Defining a life well lived
  • Purpose & Leadership

○ Activity: Writing your eulogy.

○ Activity: Creating Your Purpose Board

Purpose & Character

  • Resilience
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Leadership Skills (leading yourself and leading others)

● Purpose & Mental Health

Purpose & the Economy

  • Income generation, economic development and livelihoods.
  • Job creation.
  • Self-sustainability.

● Purpose & Relationships

Purpose & Mentorship

  • Mentor-Mentee pairing.
  • Pairing youth with peer mentors.
  • Pairing youth with local mentors.
  • Pairing youth with expert or professional mentors.
  • Pairing youth with international mentors.

Soft Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Communication Skills.

Purpose & Innovation

  • Creating purpose-driven initiatives.
  • Socially responsible businesses.
  • Pitch Competitions.
  • “I Will Step Up” Innovation Campaign.

Soft Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Communication Skills.

These programs offer a unique combination of experiences that help a young person on their purpose journey. The curriculum offers a purpose-centered
approach to career guidance and coaching. In addition to the programs and the curriculum, we also have what we call “Tribes” that support the core programs.
Tribes are groups of like-minded youth who have the same occupation or interests. 

Ignite Youth

IGNITE Youth Organisation is dedicated to shaping and encouraging young people aged 13 to 29 years to emergence and a life of purpose. We help them realize their dreams, live to their fullest potential and ultimately impact their communities. We’re all about igniting a generation to create impact and change their world.

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