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We have 8 Holistic programs centered to help.

Ignite Creativity

The IGNITE Creativity Program 

1. The Power of Expression: Gives the youth an avenue to express themselves, their views and their thoughts in many ways through music, visual art, drama and dance.  They also use creative arts to share about issues that matter to them.

2. Creativity for Advocacy & Impact: Giving youth the platform to use creativity, arts and culture to contribute to development and social impact.

3. Life Skills: Exposure to the creative arts has been proven to improve a young person’s confidence and academic performance.

4. Creative entrepreneurship: Equipping young creatives with the skills and techniques needed to run successful creative enterprises.

5. Creativity for mental health: 

Ignite Influencers


This Program helps youth to discover and pursue businesses they are passionate about and also emphasises and encourages the young entrepreneurs to create socially responsible businesses. The Program provides hands-on practical learning through field trips to established enterprises and develops both hard and soft entrepreneurship skills such as: budgeting, pitching, business plan modeling, effective communication, accountability, confidence building, critical thinking, active listening, providing good feedback, building community and event planning.

Ignite Girls

The Program encourages girls to pursue careers based on their personal interests and passion and not based on gender stereotypes that restrict girls from pursuing careers such as those in the sciences and engineering fields. These careers are stereotypically deemed as ‘male-oriented’ careers. We teach them that their voice matters by giving them information and tools that help them to feel confident about their personal choices, bodies, their intelligence, and their worthiness. We also empower teenage moms through educational workshops and skills trainings.


This Sports Program helps youth to improve their sporting abilities and also uses sport as means for youth to connect and impact their communities positively. This program imparts the sporting fundamentals of discipline, leadership and excellence to young people for the greater good. At Ignite Sports, we strive to coordinate and facilitate the delivery of quality development services for the enhancement of young athletes and the industry in its entirety. Thus, it is the mandate of Ignite Sports to help the youth attain sustainable livelihoods through sport and transform the nation’s view on sport.

Ignite HOPE

This is an Outreach Program which is a hands on expression of love by young people to their communities. Through this program, youth are also made aware of the importance of being servant leaders and also learn about social injustices around them and the part they can play to alleviate them. The program’s main aim is to restore hope and make other people’s lives better and brighter despite different backgrounds and societal statuses. IGNITE Hope is therefore an established platform where young people can gather to make a difference in their communities and the country at large. Some of the themes we focus on in the Hope Program are climate change, poverty and health such as the current covid19 pandemic.


This Program strives to encourage the tech-loving youth to be ready to tackle any problem with a tech-induced solution. The world is taking a technological approach to almost everything. The program provides a platform for young people to develop and enhance their technological skills, thus improving lives around them. Youth are vibrant innovators that need a voice in this new tech-world. The program aims at creating an environment that allows creative and critical thinking and coming up with technology-integrated solutions for youth businesses and initiatives. The program is also geared towards introducing girls to the world of programming as future tech gurus, engineers and innovators.

Ignite Lifeline

The Lifeline Program helps youth develop their emotional intelligence through tools and activities that help them cope with depression, anxiety, stress challenges and set-backs in their young adulthood. In the IGNITE Lifeline Program, we aim to tackle the tough topics and issues that young people often face and aim to inspire, motivate them and give them hope and a feeling of purpose. Our Peer to Peer Youth Counseling Program focuses on equipping young people to learn the basic skills on how to provide counsel to each other. Youths sometimes respond to the intervention of other youths better than to that of adults. It’s reassuring for them to talk to someone their age who has gone through what they have gone through.


IGNITE Mentorship is the common thread that runs throughout all our programs. It draws together a network of local and international mentors that share a common vision to empower young Africans. It provides the youth career guidance and with essential life skills such as leadership skills, creating a vision, goal-setting, public speaking skills, grooming and etiquette, to mention a few. Essentially, the Mentorship Program emphasizes on the importance of leading purpose-driven lives while also creating a crop of well rounded leaders for this generation and the next.



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