We provide programs for young people that take a 360° holistic approach to youth development. These programs provide a unique combination of experiences that assist a young person on their purpose journey. Our integral approach to youth empowerment recognizes the multidimensional nature of young people’s development needs; thus, we seek to address young people’s personal, social, physical, psychosocial, mental, and economic needs in a highly synchronized manner. 

Our 3 core programs are:

Ignite Hope Program

Civic Engagement through Volunteerism and Social Justice Advocacy Through the Ignite Hope Program, young people through volunteering tackle a wide range of civic and societal objectives. 

Ignite Lifeline Program

Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Program Leading a purpose-driven life and having mental wellbeing is intrinsically connected. The Lifeline Program helps youth develop their emotional wellbeing through tools and activities that help them cope with challenges such as depression, anxiety, stress and set-backs in their young adulthood.

Ignite Innovation Program

 Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship When a young person discovers their purpose and vision for their life, the next step is to help them get it off the ground, which is where innovation and creativity come in. 

Our 5 Supporting Programs are:

Ignite Sports

This Sports Program helps youth to improve their sporting abilities and also uses sport as means for youth to connect and impact their communities positively. This program imparts the sporting fundamentals of discipline, leadership and excellence to young people for the greater good. Many of the youth we cater to are in the sports sector and are pursuing careers in these industries. 

Ignite Girls

Girl Empowerment Program (Tailor-made program to support girls with career guidance and mental health). The Program encourages girls to pursue careers based on their personal interests and passion and not based on gender stereotypes that restrict girls from pursuing careers such as those in the sciences and engineering fields.

Ignite Creativity

Many of the youth we cater to are in the creative arts sector and are pursuing careers in these industries. 

Ignite Influencers

This Program helps youth to discover and pursue businesses they are passionate about and also emphasises and encourages the young entrepreneurs to create socially responsible businesses. 

Gentlemen of Purpose

  • Grooming.
  • Mental health safe spaces for men.
Ignite Youth

IGNITE Youth Organisation is dedicated to shaping and encouraging young people aged 13 to 29 years to emergence and a life of purpose. We help them realize their dreams, live to their fullest potential and ultimately impact their communities. We’re all about igniting a generation to create impact and change their world.

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