Ignite Girls

Girl Empowerment Program (Tailor-made program to support girls with career guidance and mental health)

■ The Program encourages girls to pursue careers based on their personal interests and passion and not based on gender stereotypes that restrict girls from pursuing careers such as those in the sciences and engineering fields. These careers are stereotypically deemed as ‘male-oriented’ careers. We teach them that their voice matters by giving them information and tools that help them to feel confident about their personal choices, bodies, their intelligence, and their worthiness. We also empower teenage moms through educational workshops and skills trainings.

■ Our Teen Mom Program focuses on supporting pregnant and parenting teen mothers, placing emphasis on educating young mothers to be able to thrive independently. We encourage them to pursue their education, provide career guidance, show them how to take healthy care of themselves and their children and teach them how to build healthy relationships.

It is our hope that these young women learn critical life skills necessary to build a beautiful future.

■ Menstrual health advocating for eco-friendly and economic sanitary products that also take the environment into consideration.

■ Teen moms reintegration into society.

■ Supporting young women’s mental health through the creation of safe spaces for discussion and connection such as retreats.

■ Career guidance free from gender bias.

Ignite Youth

IGNITE Youth Organisation is dedicated to shaping and encouraging young people aged 13 to 29 years to emergence and a life of purpose. We help them realize their dreams, live to their fullest potential and ultimately impact their communities. We’re all about igniting a generation to create impact and change their world.

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