Gentlemen Of Purpose: Braai Get-Together

On the 22nd of June, the Gentlemen of Purpose had an exciting engagement on Men’s Mental Health with  Young People Mental Health Trust and Skug Barn. The event took place in Mt Pleasant at the Skug Barn – an artistic bar with extremely impressive designs.

More than 15 men were present, each ready to fully engage in the concept of Men’s Mental Health. The discussion opened up with brief introductions from every member present, and members shared what they knew or understood from the concept of mental health. The conversations would soon take an interesting and heightened turn – when men started sharing about the meaning of masculinity, and how often times, men are socially not allowed to express their feelings and vulnerabilities. This can be due to traditional systems, cultural norms or simply limiting beliefs surrounding the essence of masculinity.

Tawanda Murepa, Founder of Young People Mental Health Trust and Mental Health Advocate, took the floor and shed light on how often times, men can be their own enemies. He shed light on how maybe – the reason why men do not share their feelings and vulnerabilities is due to their own perceptions of what a man should be. He further shed light on how men typically are willing to assist women more than their colleagues in an attempt to impress and court attention. Further, men can even go so far as to put other men down in an attempt to enhance social status and prove themselves as better. The discussion shifted towards the different aspects of men’s mental health, ranging from financial responsibility, addiction (drugs, porn and betting being the most prevalent), isolation to being each other’s keepers.

Following the mind-opening discussion and Question & Answer Segments, the Gentlemen of Purpose went on to have a delightful locally-made ‘gango’ – which is a mixture of braaied meat, vegetables and salads at Homeground, Greencroft. They also updated a document dubbed ‘The Bro Code’ – which is simply a document that details the acceptable and unacceptable behaviours as men of purpose.

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