Cozy Up: Winter Movie Marathon

On the 22nd of June, the Ignite Girls had an exciting event called Cozy Up which was a movie marathon event in the heart of winter. The event took place in Mandara Riverton.

The girls watched a movie called Enough, which features Jennifer Lopez as the main actress. To escape an abusive marriage, a mother goes into hiding with her child — but is eventually tracked down by her obsessive husband. The movie was a striking lesson on Gender Based Violence – and sparked conversations surrounding violence, abuse and relationship dynamics. The conversation shed light on how one can get out of an abusive relationship or situation, and offered practical tools and techniques.


Following the movie watch, the girls had a Sip and Paint outside whilst networking and eating snacks through their ‘Bring & Share’. Two speakers were invited to speak to the girls and inspire them to reach for greatness in every aspect of their lives. Diana Bamala came and spoke to the girls about the importance of good mental health, self-love, acknowledging one’s weaknesses and the joys of respecting yourself and letting that shine on the outside. Diana also gave people a task to write down 10 things they like, don’t like and what it is they would like to do. Vickie Mlilo taught the girls how being empowered and independent is a good thing for a woman. She stressed that marriage is not an achievement and that it not the end goal. One must pursue their purpose passionately and be in spaces not thought you could be in as a woman. Vickie also shared how she struggled with her mental health and encouraged the girls to reach out and get in environments that foster good mental health.

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